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News & Events
Emerson enhances OpenEnterprise SCADA for oil and gas - 19/8/14
Chinese machinery production a little weak - 19/8/14
Industrial robot sales hit all-time high in 2013 - 26/2/14
Circuit protection market down in 2013 - 26/2/14
Drives and Motors Market up in European Oil and Gas Industry - 20/12/13
MCA Surpasses 100 Company Membership Mark - 20/12/13
ISA introduces cybersecurity certificate program - 20/12/13
ABB Reports Q3 Earnings - 28/10/13
Honeywell to control LNG facility in Columbia - 28/10/13
Siemens Automates high-bay warehouse at Audi - 23/10/13
Exhibitions & Conferences
China Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition
2007 EASTPO International Machine Tool Fair
CIMT2007 -- The 10th China International Machine Tool Show
ABB Automation World 2007
RFID World 2007 + IEEE RFID 2007
Automation In China
Automation System Engineer Accreditation (ASEA)
China Instrument & Control Society (CIS)
Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES)
China Automation & Industrial Control Net
New Products
Advantech UNO-3084, a powerful new fanless Embedded Automation Computer with front accessible I/O design.
MHDRE hydraulic pressure reducing valves from Rexroth offer not only low leakage but also the exact control of actuator motion through sensitive flow control.
ABB PVS800 solar inverter feeds clean solar power into medium- or low-voltage grids via transformers and switchgear (both available from ABB).
White Papers

Ground up Strategies for Asset Performance Management
This benchmark report from SAP analyses how top-performing companies boost their return on assets and financial performance. This benchmark investigates the ways top performing ...
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Redundancy in Serial-to-Ethernet Communications
This paper describes how Digi technologies eliminate single points of failure for networked devices. What is redundancy and why is it important? Requirements for redundant conn ...
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Open Industrial Wireless Solutions: Realizing the Full Potential of Wireless
In the current global economic climate, manufacturing facilities are being continually pushed to grow the efficiency and profitability of their processes. The incentives to improve ...
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The A-B-C's of Ethenet/IP
This technical reference paper from Acromag provides in-depth discussion of the CIP protocol, explains OSI layers and illustrates key concepts. EtherNet/IP was first presented ...
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PLC market in Southeast Asia is recovering
Oil and gas, automotive and agriculture are among the major end markets for PLC in Southeast Asia, offering good growth prospects for the digital computers despite relatively small ...

HANNOVER MESSE 2014 Announces Integrated Industry Theme
The lead theme and official motto for HANNOVER MESSE 2014 is Integrated Industry – NEXT STEPS.

Asia-Pacific to Become Largest Flowmeter Market in 2013
The Asia-Pacific region this year will become the world’s largest market for flowmeters with sales revenue of $1.7 billion, according to IMS Research.

ZigBee releases standard for IPv6-Based Wireless Networks
The ZigBee Alliance announced the completion and public availability of its third specification, ZigBee IP. ZigBee IP is the first open standard for an IPv6-based full wireless mes ...

China Motion Control Market will grow in 2013
The China market for motion control machinery shrank last year in the face of weak export demand, but prospects will improve moving forward as the industry shifts focus to satisfyi ...

Solution of Displacement / Potentiometer / Angle linearity sensor analog signal
Sylvania Lighting Develops Flexible Machine Control System Using NI Products
Norco DS-520G Network Storage Appliance
The application of Optimess Laser Measuring Systems in the Tram and Railway Industry
WIXUM GPRS solution for mining industry
GPRS solution of remote power meter reading system
Manufacturer bags significant savings thanks to EtherNet I/P

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