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About US

This site www.GoToControl.com is the English version of www.gkong.com (abbreviate as Gkong). Gkong (China Automation & Industrial Control Net) is a famous electronic business website in China, with great influence and strength in the field of Chinese automation and industrial control. Aimed at serving the industrial automation, Gkong takes the advantage of internet and combines the characteristics of automation and industrial control, providing an effective online exchange and business platform for professionals from more than 36 fields such as metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, mining, etc.
Currently, there are 22 channels and 18 sub-websites in our network, enjoying 950,000 daily clicks and over 250,000 registered members, more than 1,500 famous brands members, 410,000 subscriptions of electronic weekly and more than 30 million pieces of information with 2,000 pieces of daily undated information (ended August 20, 2006).
In the purpose of delivering better services for our customers and registered members, promoting Chinese national industry to compete in the global market, as well as  providing a window for international companies to understand the great Chinese industrial achievement, Gkong releases the English web site--www.GoToControl.com , providing a mature and stable platform for the industrial intercommunion of China and other countries.
The main channels and sub-websites are as follows:

Main channels

PLC, inverter and transmission, sensor, instrument and meter, fieldbus, PC-based industrial computer,  DCS,  embedded system, industrial control software, singlechip microcomputer, industrial electrical appliance, machine vision, industrial Ethernet, power supply,  data acquisition , HMI, motion servo


Rostrum, technical forum, technical digest, solutions, download, industrial control campus, news, industrial control search, marketing, manufacturers?forum, industrial control products, supplying & demanding, recruitment, manufacturer list, exhibition, industrial blog. 


Gkong has a deep cooperative relationship with other industrial mediums and expo companies. Gkong actively cooperates with relevant groups, experts and scholars, mediums, exhibitions and conferences. These excellent plane magazines which enjoy, and will enjoy, our cooperation are: Electric Age, Metallurgy Automation, MM Modern Manufacture, Electrician Technology, Industrial Control Computer, Automation Information, Industrial Measurement, Measurement & Control Technology, China Measurement, etc. Famous companies and organizations that cooperate with us are Chinese Association of Automation,China Instrument and Control Society, Hannover Fairs China Co., Ltd, Shanghai Worldwide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Overseas Trade Fairs Co., Ltd, Northern Exhibition Co., Ltd, Jinan Huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd, Chengdu Xi Xing Exhibition Co., Ltd. Under the guidance of expertise, support of professionals, help of mediums, Gkong has become an indispensable professional medium in industrial control. Let us cooperate and make joint effort to promote the development of industrial control technologies, application and marketing, and achieve great prosperity.

Contact Us

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