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Rexroth MHDRE hydraulic pressure reducing valves
<SPAN class=geor_10>May 2, 2010 - The directly controlled MHDRE hydraulic pressure reducing valves from Rexroth offer not only low leakage but also the exact control of actuator motion through sensitive flow control. High-precision manufacturing methods ensure a reproducibly high standard of quality with small deviations. This guarantees high repeatability in the pressure control system. The valves, which are available in three different sizes, apply the electric command values steplessly and largely independently of the inlet pressure level.<BR><BR>The robust MHDRE valves in 3-way design are also suitable for use under particularly harsh environmental conditions. With their large range of electrical connection options they achieve protection class IP6K9, and they have proven their high resistance to corrosion in 720 hours of salt spray and mist tests. The Rexroth components have proven themselves in numerous applications and achieve a service life of at least 10 million load cycles.<BR><BR>The series covers proportional and switching valves in sizes 2 and 4. Standardized mounting cavities allow users to switch flexibly between the two functions. With size 6 Rexroth provides a choice between increasing and decreasing characteristic curve, thus offering additional freedom in the use of hydraulic controls.<BR><BR>The universal valves work as pilot control elements in control blocks, pumps or couplings where they ensure precise pressure control. The improved control of actuator motion thanks to the sensitive flow control increases the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems. The maximum flow rate of MHDRE valves at a pressure difference of seven bar (Äp=7 bar) equals between 2.5 and 30 liters per minute depending on the size.</SPAN>

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